Haarstick Sails Win J Daze (J24) - Recap

Source: Kris Werner

Just wanted to thank you guys and everyone at the loft again for being so supportive!

After a last minute sale of the tri-radial genoa that we used for midwinters, we needed a new genoa fast! Even though you guys didn't have the cloth in stock to make a tri-radial, you were able to make a flex/cross cut genoa using the same design and get it to me prior to the event. I must admit I was a little nervous to go away from the tri-radial sail that had been proven to be very fast at midwinters, but I must say that the new Flex genoa looked great and performed even better.

For much of J-daze we were not always getting superb starts and certainly were not always on the favored side, but with incredible upwind boat speed, we NEVER rounded the weather mark in worse than 4th Place! With lots of boat speed and some good tactics and patience sprinkled in, we managed to sail a super consistent series and win the event! The winds ranged from 6-12 knots throughout the weekend, with some large shifts and very flat water. Both upwind and down we always felt great speed and pointing ability. We stuck almost exactly with the tuning guide and spent much of the regatta between 20/15(uppers/lowers) and 24/21. With the ultra flat water, I felt that we could be a touch on the firm side to give us the pointing we needed while not feeling too bound up.

As for the genoa, we mostly sailed with 3-4inches of scallops in the luff and set the leads to allow for what we call touch/touch...basically the sail touching the chainplate at the foot at the same time the leach touches the spreader tips. We also sailed with the mainsheet trimmed very hard, which I think was OK in the flat water and allowed for great point and no loss in speed.

Since Kiki was away in Germany on business, I was able to finally drive a J-Daze regatta for the first time! I am pretty sure that we are the first husband and wife to both win this regatta and that is pretty cool too! Huge thanks to my crew of Mike Mansfield, Bobby Bryant, Rossi Milev, and Gail Gray. Also a kudos to the Canandaigua Club and especially the RC, who dealt with difficult conditions and got 7 good races in.