Great Lakes IRC Champion

Source: Kris Werner

I wanted to thank you guys again for your great sails and great service! We have had an amazing run of success over the last two weeks, thanks in large part to your sails and service.

For the last three years we have not purchased any new upwind sails and our newest genoa was going on it's fourth season and had also been re-cut smaller for IRC! So this year for the LEVEL regatta and LYRA events we finally bit the bullet and went for a new genoa. Since the boat is for sale, I wanted the most cost effective option for a new headsail. Call me crazy but I just wanted to give the boat and the crew a good shot for our last hurrah with "Mullet". The rest of our inventory consisted of a 2009 D4 Mainsail, 2009 AP#1, 2007 Carbon #3, and a 2011 .6oz masthead runner. Steve and I talked about the FLEX -cross cut option as the "cheapest" choice. Since I had some success with this style sail on the J-24 I figured it was worth a shot on the "big boat", where typically tri-radial or string sails are the norm. We talked about a Light/AP #1 that could be good for up to about 14knots, and hoped the FLEX 15 cloth would fit that bill and hold up under the big loads of the 40.7 genoa. Of course since I gave the loft my standard last minute order, we had the sail up for the first time the morning of the regatta. Needless to say the sail, which was to be a match of our tri-radial carbon #1 design, looked absolutely perfect and smooth literally "out of the bag". We won the IRC Great Lakes Championship overall, and our IRC 2 class. Not only were we super fast with this new sail, but on the Freeman distance race we had it up in probably 18-20true( the breeze built from 12kts Steve -sorry) for a good portion of an 18mile beat, and it held it's shape perfectly while we were doing around 8knots upwind! After all that "abuse" we would find out during the first day of course racing LYRA just how fast it still was, and three bullets in three races on Day 1 seemed to say it was still awesome.

As for the rest of the sails, I am constantly impressed with the longevity and quality of the Haarstick sails. Our 2007/2008 Carbon #3 still looks awesome and continues to take the big breeze with ease. Sunday at LYRA featured breeze into the mid 30's!! Not only did our reefed 2009 tri-radial carbon mainsail look awesome, but our .6oz masthead kite endured a hard broach followed by a spectacular chinese jibe and knock down. We were knocked down for a good 30 seconds in over 30 knots, with spinnaker ragging and shock loading without even a slight tear in our .6oz kite! Now how many sailmakers make a .6oz sail that can hold up to that!!!

I really could go on and on about how impressed I am with the sails and how well they are built, but are they fast? I think the results speak for themselves.

LEVEL Regatta IRC 2 Div- 1st Place (9boats)

IRC Great Lakes Championship- 1st place Overall winner (28 boats!)

LYRA Centennial - 3rd Place

LYRA Freeman Cup distance race- 1st Place Overall (6boats)

LYRA Course Racing IRC division- 1st Place (8boats)

LYRA IRC Overall Regatta Champion- (Centennial, Freeman & Course Racing)

We have had an amazing run with Haarstick sails and our 40.7 and I know that whether it continues or not, our team is a believer in your product.

Thanks so much!

Kris & Kiki and the crew of "Mullet", Beneteau 40.7

p.s Did I mention another thanks for turning around 2 repairs in 1 hour the morning before the Centennial start in Rochester!!



Thanks Kris and Kiki. Congrats on a great Year so far.