Our approach to sailmaking is unique in this industry. We endeavor to make fast sails out of the Very Best Sailcloth that will be fast out of the bag and fast down the road. While our competitors continue to sell disposable sails, many of our customers are competing with several season-old sails and still doing very well. Our sails are NOT Used-Up after 1 or 2 regattas like many other products.

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Whether you are racing around the buoys or across the ocean, Haarstick sailmakers can build a fast sail for you from the finest, in-house tested cloth that the industries leading supplies have to offer.
Whether you sail an Ensign or a Beneteau 44.7, we have the design experitise and the worlds most accurate Gerber90 cutter to cut, assemble and finish the highest quality racing sail in the industry today!

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At Haarstick Sailmakers, our goal is produce and support the world's very best sails. Lofty goals (pardon the pun) most would say, but we really do believe that do exactly what we say. We endeavor to do this by: (1) Testing for and using only the very best sailcloths, (2) Developing consistent leading edge computer design & cutting technologies, (3) Developing winning, user friendly sail shapes, (4) Backing up our sails with a strong warranty, and (5) Providing strong local and national service to all our customers.

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As the OEM sailmaker for Freedom Yachts, we had many years to perfect our approach to Freedom sails. To this day they are still unparalleled in performance and durability. Over the years we have built sails for Freedom Yachts and replacement sails for Freedom customers for every type of Freedom Yacht. We have made many generations of sails for each type, but in most cases we got it right the very first time and have made only minor changes for modern materials and hardware.

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