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September Testimonials   9/5/2011

Haarstick Customers

Beneteau 40.7 (3rd in Div. 0 at IRC NA’s) Carbon Fiber Main and Genoa’s

Steve, We recently participated in the IRC North Americans and used the two new genoas and main in each of the races. Overall, we were extremely impressed by the performance of these sails. Off the starting line we were able to hold our lane, put it in pinch mode to saw off a competitor or put the hammer down to build VMG speed. Upwind it seemed like these sails were up to whatever task we put them to and it was nice to hear our competition reaffirm this after racing. While we finished 3rd in our division, we were the top “one-design” Beneteau 40.7.

Best Regards, Eric


Beneteau 30e

Doug , Thought I would let you know that the sails from Haarstick performed as designed. The No. 1 was the backbone of the inventory, but the no . 2 did a great job when called for on the second day of levels. “Sail a vie” was second in division at levels, First in Division in the feeder race to Port Credit, First in division in the Freeman cup, First in Division in the course racing and First OVERALL PHRF REGATTA CHAMPS. Dan (J/30) was the overall winner in the Freeman Cup overnight race. Fran


J/24 “Plan B” 1st Place District 7 Pennant Series Regatta.

It took place in Oswego 8-13 &14. The conditions were relatively flat seas with light to moderate winds both days. The wind direction was south to south east going more east the second day. The wind direction was unusual for Oswego & limited the "local knowledge" advantage.

As for the sails, you can look up my records, but the Genoa when I bought it was a used, made from a "new fabric" at the time (3/09). I think this is my second year with the sail, plus previous use. The kite was also a used special, but I'm not sure how old it is. As for the main its 3 to 4 years old I think. To sum up the sails, they may be old but they were plenty fast for the conditions. These are the same sails we use for 3 races every Tuesday night during club racing. Many times during the regatta we had less than great starts which required “Plan B” to have flat out boat speed to get back into contention. Boat for boat, Plan B was fast both up wind and down wind.




Doug, Thank you so much for coming out - you've been a great help to us, and I think Steve knows you're a great asset for Haarstick. Aside being a very good sailor, you're also a good coach and teacher. Additionally you have a great way of working with others and giving advice, which is not always the easiest thing to do. I can't tell you how much we've appreciated your time on Moonrise. Thanks, Dave


Oday 25

Thanks to all the guys at HAARSTICK SAILS for the new sails and instruction on use. Still can’t figure out how to fold them though.....and the crew tells me that they think the boat is breaking in half on a tack....they are loud, but they are fast. Thanks to all of ya. Captain Buckshot


J/22 Rolex International Women’s Keelboat Championship 2011

Doug- Just wanted to thank you for making us a very fast J-22 Spinnaker for the Rolex regatta. We were always passing boats downwind and consistently sailed "lower and faster"! Thanks! Kiki


Freedom 32

Hi Steve I am very pleased with the sails. We have done some light wind sailing this year, and I am very happy with their performance. In heavier air, I know they perform. ( there may be some issues with the inexperienced crew, but that is not the sails fault)

Wayne Running Free Freedom 32 (Hoyt)


Kirby 8

Thanks For a great Haarstick sail! Won our division in the Plattsburgh Mayor's Cup with it. I've become VERY pleased with the sail. tom



Hi Eric, Sorry haven't emailed earlier been a bit preoccupied. Put the new sail to work today and it was fantastic. Thanks very much. Thanks again for bringing the sail home so we could pick it up on Sunday. Cheers Toni


Cusomters 2011   8/30/2011

Happy Customers

Beneteau 36.7


I wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you how pleased I am with the sails, I couldn't be happier.

The chute is an absolute cracker. I just wish it wasn't plain old boring white.

The main is exactly what I was looking for. Shape and size seem right on. Its been on the boom all season, and we've used the same sail for OD, PHRF and practice and I don't see it coming off the boom until winter to be honest. We are the only 36.7 with a dacron racing mainsail on Long Island Sound, but if it is slowing us down, its not noticeable. More important to me is that it has simplified my logistics to no end, and so as far as I'm concerned that's mission accomplished.

The #1 is proving to be a weapon too. Initially, we struggled to point a bit, but in retrospect I think that was insufficient muscle on the mainsheet and nothing to do with the shape of the genoa. Ultimately, I don't think we are slow or low in a straight line.

The FLEX seems to be holding up well, and I have no qualms about quality whatsoever.

A pleasure doing business with you.



Ensign in Colorado


The new genoa is much easier to handle, has a wonderful shape, and is very fast (so is the main).

In the Regionals, almost every one of the 9 boats used North sails. I was the only Haarstick user. I tied Zeke Durica (the 2010 National Champion) in points for the regatta and then lost to him by two points because he had a worse throwout (6th) than I did (4th). I think everyone was impressed by our boat speed and maybe you will get some new customers. I’m already touting your products.

The Dillon Open had 8 boats and I won by sailing 1, 2, 3, 4 in light to moderate winds. We consistently out-footed the competition both up and down wind. This gave me confidence in close quarters that resulted in winning choices. A great feeling. You and your sails rock, guys !!

I thank you and Steve for your excellent sails, for the timely shipments, and your follow-up communications. You and your products are first class in all ways and I plan to promote your company whenever I am around sailors (of all boat classes). Please feel free to use any or all of this note as promotional material if you want to. I’m sure you get lots of these “attaboys”.

Gerry Huttrer

Ensign #1642


Freedom 25

Tony & Steve,

I was quite happy with the performance of the new Technora large staysail for my Freedom 25 in Saturday's race. Upwind, we were able to point with the rest of the PHRF fleet, something I'd never been able to do previously.

Russell C.



All, (sent to Ensign e-mail group)

Just wanted to publicly thank Doug Burtner from Haarstick Sailmakers for spending time with us this past Saturday (7-16) on Saratoga Lake. His advice on sail trim and tuning was very helpful to all those that attended, his knowledge of the Ensign is extensive. I would also like to thank John Power, Certified Sailing Instructor, for his expert advice on rules and strategy. Together these two gentleman provided a clinic that was top notch!

-Tony Fleet 72 Capt.


Congratulations, Steve, and all of you!

I always recommended Haarstick to all my fellow sailors, and I'm so glad that all is going well for you. My sails certainly came through for us.

If anyone respects the word of a retired OF like I am, I will continue to do so.




C&C 29

Good Morning Doug,

Well, it’s the day after and I just can’t stop smiling. Thank you so much for all the tricks and tips last night. We would have never made the boat that fast without your help even though we have some great sails made by your team at Haarstick. I was in shock on hearing we took not only took first in our division but first overall for the entire GYC spinnaker fleet. I encourage all your customers to get you on their boats for tuning and sail trim tips. A Sharpie will definitely be on the boat next week but I’m not convinced it will replace your sharp eye for trim and tactics. Many thanks to you and my crew for the most exciting race we’ve had in a long time. Can’t wait to have you on the boat again. You rock!





I just wanted to add my thanks to Tony and the rest of the fleet for your visit last Saturday. And thanks for using "B&B" as the demo for rig tuning. I really felt a difference Sunday in 12+, gusting to 20. It was also great fun (and continued learning) working with John and chauffeuring you around the truncated course. I sailed with Kyle Jones (538) on tuesday and he's still talking about it (I was also able to reinforce some of your and John's points as well.

Also, after talking and listening, I have absolutely no compunctions about referring any of my West Marine customers to you and Haarstick. Thanks again,

Emmett McCarthy

"B&B" 174


Custom 55   10/10/2010

Perfect Fit

D. Mix - Custom 55’ – Virginia

Hi Doug,

Got the new sail settled into its new home Sunday. It looks great and fits perfectly. Please give my compliments to Steve and my thanks to you and all who worked on this jewel.
Having a sail built miles away, by people you've never met can easily induce anxiety. I was worried as I'm sure other potential new customers will be. Steve's cloth testing methods depicted on your website got me initially interested. But as Haarstick's interface with the world, you did the excellent job of smoothing the bumps of materials, weights, dimensions and question answering.
Many Thanx, Dave

Richmond,   VA  

Freedom 39 P   9/15/2010

Sails Last Too Long

Freedom Testimonial

I have recently purchased a Freedom 39P twin free standing masts schooner and it needs new sails.
I am very impressed at the workmanship of the original Haarstick sails which still drive the boat along and have aged very well considering they are 26 years old.


(Later this year – after a follow up)

Hi! Steve
Well yes we have postponed the new sails for the time being.
Instead we have arranged to get the original sails fixed up so they will be more usable, we did this because the sails were still in good condition just a few tear’s and frayed leach lines plus they were stretched so were jamming the mast head sheaves. So I feel confident that they will see us through many miles of sailing perhaps enough to get us to US waters were we can arrange new sails from Haarstick.

Ps. We have checked the local sail makers product and without doubt your sails are far superior.


Not ,   US  

Redwing 30   9/10/2010

Winning with Great Sails

Steve & team,
Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful new main on my 1969 C&C Redwing 30, BATTLESTAR PEGASUS. The new sail has helped me sail much faster for an old boat. While I am not campaigning her as actively in the past, I still do a couple regattas a year. At the C&C Owners Regatta, we managed a division champ, course champ, M&J Champ, and overall regatta champ- for the second year in a row with pick up crew. As I had been racing on a Swan 44-2 for the last 3 Level Regattas, I decided to take the old horse out of the stable and give a try for this year. Room for some improvement with a 1-1-1-1-1-1-2. For both of these regattas we used the 10 year old Pentax genny. Thanks again for great sails.

-- Andrews H. Hooker

Youngstown,   NY  

Sonar    9/10/2010

Sonar OD Sails

Thanks for your help this year sailing on our sonar “CCO” out of Rochester YC, it’s always a pleasure to have you out. The sails you guys made this year for the one design Sonar, came out looking great and had super speed right out of the box! These still have great shape with 3 series on them this year. At times upwind, we had the high road and speed mode in our pocket, which let us sail with anyone at any time. Downwind, kite also looked great as usually. The support, quality, and attention to detail goes along way, which you guys provide year after year. It’s great to have a local loft that has the capability like Haarstick. Cheers to another great year with Haarstick sails and please pass on my thanks to all of team at Haarstick.


Rochester,   NY  

Catalina 30 TM   8/17/2010

Spinnaker Repair


Please pass on our gratitude for the quick turnaround on our damaged spinnaker. The sail & repair look great. We didn't have time to set it during a practice sail, but used it in our next race which was a downwind start. It performed as expected and aided us to nudging out our competition by less than a foot. It was a great win and we couldn't have done it without the chute. Tell the Haarstick team we really appreciate their fine work!

Tim Bonniwell
Invictus, Catalina 30

Ithaca ,   NY  

C&C 29   8/15/2010

Too Tough

Skip Doyle – C&C 29 Youngstown NY

I don't know what the weather was like where you were racing on Wednesday night but in front of Fort Niagara it was big wind and big waves. We used our original (1977) #3 and split weight main 12-15 years old, first with one reef then two reefs. We saw ripped sails around us but ours held up fine. You wonder why I don't buy sails more often, It's because your stuff is fast out of the bag and seems to last forever.

Youngstown,   NY  

Freedom 44 Ketch   8/11/2010

Loves his Sails

Freedom 44 Ketch

Hi Tony, thanks for answering so quickly and with such good information. And also, thanks for building Coyote such excellent sails. We live aboard and cruise six months a year, and have done it now for fifteen years since retirement. Every year, since we got our new sails (has it really been 8 years?), we've re-joined Coyote in Venezuela or Trinidad in November and then bash into the heavy Trades up Island to The Virgins and then back down, to leave the boat in May. We sail hard, and sail into and out of nearly every anchorage. It's the sailing part of cruising that we love. We rarely use the engine. We really work our sails and after eight full years in the tropical sun, they still look great and show very little sign of wear. And Coyote is fast and fun when wearing them! Being on fixed income, every year we cruise on less money, and your sails have proven to be a great value.
Thanks and thanks again.

Islands,   Atlantic  

C&C 40   8/10/2010

Happy with Sails

C&C 40

Thanks, Tony.
You build such great sails (I now have 2) that I am eager to recommend Haarstick to anyone I know is in the market for a sail. Plus, your company is great to deal with.
All my best,


,   Reston    VA

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